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Code List : DispenserTypeCode
Definition : The mechanism or method by which the product is dispensed from its container.
Domain : GDSN
Status : CURRENT
Publication Date : 22 September 2021
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Code ValueNameDefinitionChange DateVersionStatus
AEROSOL Aerosol Aerosol is a type of dispensing system which creates an aerosol mist of liquid particles. When used the system contains a payload and propellant under pressure. 22 September 2021 1 CURRENT
HAND_PUMP Hand pump A manually operated device under mechanical assistance to move a liquid or air from one place to another. 22 September 2021 1 CURRENT
OTHER Other The value needed is not listed or is not defined within this list’s individual code values and definitions. Please send a work request into GS1 or your solution provider requesting the code you are searching for. 22 September 2021 1 CURRENT
RIM_BLOCK Rim block A block-shaped substance that is attached to the rim of the toilet bowl which slowly dissolves as water is flushed over it bringing a pleasant smell to the toilet. 22 September 2021 1 CURRENT
ROLLER Roller A container having a rolling ball at one end serving as an applicator. 22 September 2021 1 CURRENT
SPRAY Spray A product dispenser that can squirt, spray or mist fluids. A common use for spray dispensers for cleaners, cosmetics, and chemical specialties. 22 September 2021 1 CURRENT
STICK Stick A stick is packaged in hollow tubes with an elevator platform inside that moves up and down to dispense the product. This platform can be elevated by turning a screw or push up that causes it to travel up along a central post. 22 September 2021 1 CURRENT
TUBE Tube A long thin container that you press or squeeze in order to push out the soft substance that is inside through an opening at the head of the container. 22 September 2021 1 CURRENT