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Code List : HatTypeCode
Definition : A code indicating the form or style of a hat.
Domain : GDSN
Status : CURRENT
Publication Date : 09 June 2021
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Code ValueNameDefinitionChange DateVersionStatus
BALACLAVA Balaclava Close-fitting garment covering the whole head and neck except for parts of the face, typically made of wool. 09 June 2021 1 CURRENT
BASEBALL_CAP Baseball cap A cap originating from the sport of baseball, with a large visor. Baseball caps may be fitted or have an adjustable strap at the back. This style is Inclusive of Snapback and Trucker cap styles. 09 June 2021 1 CURRENT
BEANIE Beanie A close-fitting hat worn on the back of the head. This style is inclusive of skull caps (a type of beanie with a smaller crown) and slouchy caps (a beanie with a larger brim that slouches down the back and sometimes has a small visor). 09 June 2021 1 CURRENT
BERET Beret Round flattish cap of felt or cloth. This style is inclusive of Tams (a Scottish style of beret cap). 09 June 2021 1 CURRENT
BOATER Boater Stiff straw hat, often with a band; considered to be somewhat formal. Also known as skimmer. 09 June 2021 1 CURRENT
BONNET Bonnet Hat tied under the chin, typically with a brim framing the face. 09 June 2021 1 CURRENT
BOWLER Bowler A man's hard felt hat with a round, dome-shaped crown. 09 June 2021 1 CURRENT
CHEFS_TOQUE_HAT Chef's toque hat A tall, white hat with a pleated crown, associated with professional chefs. 09 June 2021 1 CURRENT
CLOCHE Cloche A bell-shaped woman's hat associated with the 1920s, often featuring a small visor or brim. 09 June 2021 1 CURRENT
COWBOY Cowboy Hat with a broad, often curled, brim and a high crown associated with cowboys. Also known as western. 09 June 2021 1 CURRENT
FASCINATOR_HAT Fascinator hat A formal, small, ornamental hat, sometimes referred to as a cocktail hat, affixed to the head by a comb, barette, or clip. 09 June 2021 1 CURRENT
FEDORA Fedora Hat with a soft brim and indented crown. 09 June 2021 1 CURRENT
FEZ Fez A stiff, clyndrical, brimless, peakless hat named for the Moroccon city of Fez, often featuring a tassel at its crown. 09 June 2021 1 CURRENT
FLAT_CAP Flat cap Originating from Ireland and England, the flat cap is referred to as a "driving cap," "scally cap," "paddy cap," "bunnet," or "cheese cutter," in various places around the world. Commonly made of wool, the fabric of the top of the flat cap is either sewn or attached with a snap to the front of a short, stiff visor. 09 June 2021 1 CURRENT
HARD_HAT Hard hat A protective hat commonly used in the construction industry. 09 June 2021 1 CURRENT
HOMBURG Homburg A man's hat featuring a wide hatband, an upturned, ribbon-bound brim, and a "gutter" creasing the middle of its crown. 09 June 2021 1 CURRENT
JOCKEY_CAP Jockey cap A cloth hat with a visor, associated with horse riding. 09 June 2021 1 CURRENT
MARINERS_CAP Mariner's cap Also known as a Greek fisherman's cap, this flat-topped cap features a twist of cord above the visor. 09 June 2021 1 CURRENT
NEWSBOY Newsboy Rounded cap with a small stiff brim in front. 09 June 2021 1 CURRENT
OTHER Other The value needed is not listed or is not defined within this list’s individual code values and definitions. Please send a work request into GS1 or your solution provider requesting the code you are searching for. 09 June 2021 1 CURRENT
PANAMA Panama A wide-brimmed hat of straw-like material, originally made from the leaves of a particular tropical palm tree, worn chiefly by men. 09 June 2021 1 CURRENT
PORK_PIE Pork pie A round, formal hat with a flat top, circular indent, and a short, rolled brim, often associated with 1940s jazz music. 09 June 2021 1 CURRENT
RAIN_HOOD Rain hood A waterproof hood that may or may not include some coverage of the user's shoulders. 09 June 2021 1 CURRENT
SANTA_CAP Santa cap A soft, peaked cap associated with Santa Claus featuring a pom affixed to its peak with a matching trim. Traditionally red with white pom and brim, these hats are made in a variety of colors. This style includes "elf" hats, which are similar to Santa caps, but often are green, have an ornamented brim, and no pom at the cap's peak. 09 June 2021 1 CURRENT
SOMBRERO Sombrero A wide-brimmed hat of woven straw associated with Mexico. 09 June 2021 1 CURRENT
SUN_HAT Sun hat A hat designed to protect from the sun's rays. 09 June 2021 1 CURRENT
TOP_HAT Top hat A formal, tall-crowned, flat-topped formal hat with a round brim. Opera hats (top hats with a collapsible crown) also fall into this style. 09 June 2021 1 CURRENT
TRAPPER Trapper A hat with a shearling interior and ear flaps. 09 June 2021 1 CURRENT
TRICORNE Tricorne The tricorne is a three-sided hat whose brim is folded up against a rounded crown. Sometimes referred to as a "pirate hat," the tricorne has a modern association with pirate costuming, as well as an historical association with maritime and 18th and 19th-century military uniforms. Two-sided (or "bicorne," a shape associated with the Napoleonic era) novelty hats bearing the skull-and-crossbones may be included here. 09 June 2021 1 CURRENT
TRILBY Trilby Similar to the fedora, but with a smaller, "stingy" brim that is folded up in the back and turned straight in the front, the trilby often features a hat band and has been associated with musicians such as Frank Sinatra and Jason Mraz. 09 June 2021 1 CURRENT
TURBAN Turban A type of headwear consisting of a cloth winding. Turbans have an association with traditions of many religions and cultures in the Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia, the Arabian Peninsula, the Middle East, Central Asia, North Africa, West Africa, and East Africa. 09 June 2021 1 CURRENT
VISOR Visor Headwear featuring a brim. Visors fit around the head, but have no covering at the top. 09 June 2021 1 CURRENT