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Business Message Standard - BMS 

Business Message Standards are the artefact of the GSMP that documents the formally approved standards for a GS1 XML business message for GS1 XML for EDI (Transactional Messaging), GDSN (Global Data Synchronisation Network), EPCIS (EPC Information Services) and TSD Trusted Source of Data for Business to Consumer applications). Each Business Message Standard brings together the appropriate classes, attributes, and values needed to fulfill the message objective. Specific definitions are provided to ensure clarity around class, attributes, and values. Syntax constraints are identified. The standard also includes the high level and detail level class diagrams depicting the scope of the message, and the relationship of its elements to each other.


The BMS components are published in version sets (except Code Lists that are version-neutral). To access the components of the BMS, please select version from the top menu (Business Message Standards tab).