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The location at which a particular organization or person may be found or reached.
An organizational grouping used for internal planning, control and accounting purposes.
showAdvancedRemittanceNotification (Root)
The Advanced Remittance Notification is sent by the buyer to the seller upon reception of goods. The intent of the Advanced Remittance Notification is:
Specifies allowances and charges specified to either the entire message or to individual line items contained in the message.
Provides the difference or interval between the minimum and maximum value amount including the associated currency.
Unique number given by a competent national authority to identify an animal individually.
showApplicationReceiptAcknowledgement (Root)
Application Receipt Acknowledgement is a distinctive GS1 Business Document used to respond to other GS1 Business Messages. This document serves two key purposes: The Responder may use the document to communicate successful receipt acknowledgement of an GS1 Business Document (e.g. Order, Invoice) back to the Initiator. Secondly, the Responder may also use the document to communicate validation exceptions back to the Initiator.
This structure is used to communicate receipt acknowledgements, errors or warnings for a Business Document.
Details describing the nature and location of an error or warning.
An exact reference to the cause of an error or warning.
This structure is used to communicate receipt acknowledgements, errors or warnings for the message header level.
showArtworkContent (Root)
The Artwork Content message enables to send the product’s artwork content that appears on a package (e.g. box, label, bag) or related materials (e.g. printed coupons).
Unique piece of textual information that goes on a piece of art.
Information used to create (part of) a specific data carrier symbol in a piece of art.
Information used to create a machine readable data carrier in a piece of art.
Information on an individual graphic, such as symbol or icon, that is to be included on a piece of art.
Information on the locale (i.e. language and region) and prioritization of the locale for artwork content appearing on a Piece of Art.
Aggregation of all the elements, including copy elements, structured copy elements, graphic elements, technical drawings, and data carriers, that when associated with graphic design, results in a piece of art.
showArtworkContentResponse (Root)
The Artwork Content Response message facilitates electronic exception reporting upon processing of an Artwork Content message.
Information on modifications made by the artwork content recipient.
Information, to be included on a piece of art, that is highly structured (typically in a table format) and may be regulated (e.g. Nutrition Facts).
The 2D shape upon which artwork content will be placed. Used as a reference in placing the artwork content. The technical drawing is used as the basis to show the shape of the package/label and influences the position, size and orientation (e.g. 90 degree angle) of artwork template containers into which copy content will be placed.
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showBuyerReconciliationOfRequestForPayment (Root)
This message allows a buyer to respond to Requests For Payment either submitted individually or assigned to a batch, from a seller. The document reports to the Seller whether or not the Buyer was able to schedule the RFP’s for payment through the accounts payable system.
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Information on the logistic service provider, the personnel, and the transport means and equipment that will be used to collect or deliver goods.
showClaimsNotification (Root)
Claims Notification is a message sent by the buyer to the seller or vice versa for negotiating the resolution of claims.
Provides the discrepancy information in the claims notification.
renamed from PriceQuantityItemInformation
Collaborative Trade Item identifies the product with the buyer and seller locations.
Information specifying a colour in text and / or coded format.
The channel or manner in which a communication can be made, such as telephone or email.
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