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GDSN 3.1.17


Business Information Entities Details

GDD Data Models - Business Information Entity details

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Name : ItemPriceType
Subtype CLASS
Type Name :
Definition : Contains details of a price component associated with an item.
Version :
Cardinality :
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Attributes/Associations for class : ItemPriceType

DetailsResource Sub Type CodeAttribute Role NameType NameCardinality
show ATTRIBUTE alternateLocationGrouping string 0..1
show ATTRIBUTE distributionMethodCode DistributionMethodCode 1..1
show ATTRIBUTE extension extension 0..1
show ATTRIBUTE invoiceIssuer GLN 0..1
show ATTRIBUTE isBulkUpdate boolean 0..1
show ATTRIBUTE orderFrom GLN 0..*
show ATTRIBUTE priceActionCode SegmentActionCode 1..1
show ATTRIBUTE priceActionReason PriceActionReasonCode 0..1
show ATTRIBUTE priceBasisQuantity Measurement 1..1
show ATTRIBUTE priceTargetMarketSubdivision CountrySubdivisionCode 0..*
show ATTRIBUTE priceTypeApplicationSequence nonNegativeInteger 1..1
show ATTRIBUTE priceTypeCode PriceTypeCode 1..1
show ATTRIBUTE priceTypeDescription string 0..1
show ATTRIBUTE priceTypeLastChangedDateTime dateTime 1..1
show ATTRIBUTE priceValue Quantity 1..1
show ATTRIBUTE priceValueCap float 0..1
show ATTRIBUTE priceValueQualifier PriceValueQualifierCode 0..1
show ATTRIBUTE priceValueType ComponentValueTypeCode 1..1
show ATTRIBUTE shipFrom GLN 0..*
show ATTRIBUTE shipTo GLN 0..*
show ATTRIBUTE suggestedUnitRetailPrice Amount 0..1
show ASSOCIATION BracketQualifier 0..*
show ASSOCIATION ReferenceDocumentInformation 0..*
show ASSOCIATION PricePerformanceRequirementInformation 0..*
show ASSOCIATION avpList GS1_AttributeValuePairList 0..1
show ASSOCIATION itemPriceTypeSegmentation EntityIdentification 1
show ASSOCIATION parentCatalogueItem CatalogueItemReference 0..1
show ASSOCIATION priceTypeEffectiveEndDate SegmentEffectiveEndDateInformation 0..*
show ASSOCIATION priceTypeEffectiveStartDate SegmentEffectiveStartDateInformation 1..*
show ASSOCIATION targetCondition EntityIdentification 0..1
show ASSOCIATION targetPriceType EntityIdentification 0..1