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GDSN 3.1.17


Business Information Entities Details

GDD Data Models - Business Information Entity details

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Name : fieldOfView
Type Name : Measurement
Definition : Real field of view (field of vision) is the angle of the visible field, seen without moving the item, measured from the central point of the objective lens. In games the extent of the observable world that is seen at any given moment. This is used by such items as: microscope, rifle scope, cameras, binoculars are just some type of items. Measure in linear length or angular degrees for example 300 metres (MTR), 45 degrees(DD).
Version :
Cardinality : 0..*
Used In : Show all
Links : Data Type (urn:gs1:gdd:bdt:Measurement)

Attributes/Associations for class : OpticsDeviceInformation

DetailsResource Sub Type CodeAttribute Role NameType NameCardinality
show ATTRIBUTE exposureMode string 0..*
show ATTRIBUTE fieldOfView Measurement 0..*
show ASSOCIATION LensInformation 0..*
show ASSOCIATION ZoomInformation 0..*

Data Types for : fieldOfView

Data Type NameCompnent NameType NameCardinalityDetails
Measurement show