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GDSN 3.1.17


Business Information Entities Details

GDD Data Models - Business Information Entity details

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Name : rankBelowSpecies
Type Name : string
Definition : "Either the Sub-Species, Variety, Sub-Variety, Form, and/or Sub-Form of an organism. All are taxonomic rank below that of species. A Sub-Species is a taxonomic rank subordinate to species. A Variety will have an appearance distinct from other varieties, but will hybridize freely with other varieties of the same species (if brought into contact). Usually varieties will be geographically separate from each other. A Sub-Variety is a subordinate variety, or a division of a variety. A Form usually designates a group with a noticeable but minor deviation. For instance, white-flowered forms of species that usually have coloured flowers can be named a ""“f. alba""”. It is recommended to place an Abbreviation at the beginning of the text to clarify to what type the text belongs. The recommended abbreviations are:
  • subspecies (Abbreviation not required for Animals) -– subsp or ssp
  • varietas (variety) -– var
  • subvarietas (subvariety) -– subvar
  • forma (form) -– form or f
  • subforma (subforma) -– subf
Facets {1..70}
Version :
Cardinality : 0..1
Used In : Show all
Links : Data Type (urn:gs1:gdd:bdt:string)

Attributes/Associations for class : OrganismClassification

DetailsResource Sub Type CodeAttribute Role NameType NameCardinality
show ATTRIBUTE genus string 0..1
show ATTRIBUTE rankBelowSpecies string 0..1
show ATTRIBUTE species string 0..1
show ASSOCIATION avpList GS1_AttributeValuePairList 0..1

Data Types for : rankBelowSpecies

Data Type NameCompnent NameType NameCardinalityDetails
string show