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GDSN 3.1.17


Business Information Entities Details

GDD Data Models - Business Information Entity details

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Name : packagingRefundObligationName
Type Name : string
Definition : The refund obligation that the packaging of this item is subject to for example the DPG = Deutsche Pfandsystem GmbH which is a refund obligation for one way beverage packaging for beer, sparkling soft drinks and mineral water.
Facets {1..200}
Version :
Cardinality : 0..*
Used In : Show all
Links : Data Type (urn:gs1:gdd:bdt:string)

Attributes/Associations for class : Packaging

DetailsResource Sub Type CodeAttribute Role NameType NameCardinality
show ATTRIBUTE averageDistanceTravelledToPointOfPackagingCode AverageDistanceToPointOfPackagingCode 0..1
show ATTRIBUTE doesPackagingHaveWheels NonBinaryLogicEnumeration 0..1
show ATTRIBUTE industrySpecificPackagingTypeCodeReference Code 0..1
show ATTRIBUTE isPackagingExemptFromRefuseObligation NonBinaryLogicEnumeration 0..1
show ATTRIBUTE isPackagingReturnable NonBinaryLogicEnumeration 0..1
show ATTRIBUTE isPackagingSuitableForAirShipment NonBinaryLogicEnumeration 0..1
show ATTRIBUTE isRadioFrequencyIDOnPackaging boolean 0..1
show ATTRIBUTE packagingFeatureCode PackagingFeatureCode 0..*
show ATTRIBUTE packagingFunctionCode PackagingFunctionCode 0..*
show ATTRIBUTE packagingLevel nonNegativeInteger 0..1
show ATTRIBUTE packagingOwnerIdentification GLN 0..1
show ATTRIBUTE packagingOwnerName string 0..1
show ATTRIBUTE packagingRecyclingProcessTypeCode PackagingRecyclingProcessTypeCode 0..*
show ATTRIBUTE packagingRecyclingSchemeCode PackagingRecyclingSchemeCode 0..*
show ATTRIBUTE packagingRefundObligationName string 0..*
show ATTRIBUTE packagingRefuseObligationName string 0..*
show ATTRIBUTE packagingShapeCode PackagingShapeCode 0..1
show ATTRIBUTE packagingSustainabilityFeatureCode SustainabilityFeatureCode 0..*
show ATTRIBUTE packagingTermsAndConditionsCode PackagingTermsAndConditionsCode 0..*
show ATTRIBUTE packagingTypeCode PackageTypeCode 0..1
show ATTRIBUTE packagingTypeDescription Description200 0..*
show ATTRIBUTE packagingWeight Measurement 0..1
show ATTRIBUTE platformTermsAndConditionsCode PlatformTermsAndConditionsCode 0..1
show ATTRIBUTE platformTypeCode PlatformTypeCode 0..1
show ATTRIBUTE shippingContainerQuantity TransactionalMeasurement 0..*
show ATTRIBUTE shippingContainerQuantityDescription Description200 0..*
show ATTRIBUTE usableProductVolume Measurement 0..1
show ASSOCIATION PackageDeposit 0..*
show ASSOCIATION ReturnableAsset 0..*
show ASSOCIATION PackagingMaterial 0..*
show ASSOCIATION PackagingDimension 0..1
show ASSOCIATION PackagingDividerInformation 0..*
show ASSOCIATION avpList GS1_AttributeValuePairList 0..1

Data Types for : packagingRefundObligationName

Data Type NameCompnent NameType NameCardinalityDetails
string show