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GDSN 3.1.17


Business Information Entities Details

GDD Data Models - Business Information Entity details

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Name : SustainabilityInformation
Subtype CLASS
Type Name :
Definition : Properties of the trade item that can affect the ecological or human environment.
Version :
Cardinality :
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Attributes/Associations for class : SustainabilityInformation

DetailsResource Sub Type CodeAttribute Role NameType NameCardinality
show ATTRIBUTE doesTradeItemContainPesticide NonBinaryLogicEnumeration 0..1
show ATTRIBUTE isTradeItemRigidPlasticPackagingContainer NonBinaryLogicEnumeration 0..1
show ATTRIBUTE isTradeItemROHSCompliant NonBinaryLogicEnumeration 0..1
show ATTRIBUTE postConsumerRecycledContentPercentage decimal 0..1
show ATTRIBUTE renewablePlantBasedPlasticComponentsPercent decimal 0..1
show ATTRIBUTE rOHSComplianceFailureMaterial string 0..*
show ATTRIBUTE totalRecyclableContentPercentage decimal 0..1
show ATTRIBUTE tradeItemSustainabilityFeatureCode SustainabilityFeatureCode 0..*
show ASSOCIATION avpList GS1_AttributeValuePairList 0..1