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GDSN 3.1.17


Business Information Entities

GDD Data Models

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"This refers to electronic communication from the Data Recipient to the Data Source indicating what action has been taken on the item. The confirmation process occurs in the recipient’s data pool. Confirmation is not mandatory. When used, it provides for the following outcomes:

1. Synchronised: data is integrated, in synch and added to the synchronisation list.

2. Accepted: data is added to the synchronisation list and will be in synch.

3. Rejected: data will no longer be synchronised or updates will no longer be provided.

4. Review: a request to the data source to “review” their data because the data recipient has received discrepant data which they cannot synchronise. If the data was previously synchronised, it will be removed from the synchronisation list."
!! The four states reflected by a Recipient Data Pool are: Accepted, Rejected, Review and Synchronised
There can be 1 or more Codes and Descriptions in a single CIC message that contain specific information as to why a certain action is taken.
Provides the Catalogue Item Confirmation Status for the referenced catalogue item. This should only be used if Catalogue Item Confirmation State is set to either REVIEW or REJECTED
Provides the optional element that will tell the Data Source (Source Data Pool) what the corrective message should be to fix the issue that caused the problem in the first place. For example, it would indicate whether the publication / notification should be resent as a “Reload” or a “New” Item.