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GDD Data Models - Business Information Entity details

Click here to open the GDD report for package : Catalogue Item Notification

Name : isReload
Type Name : boolean
Definition : The Boolean value within the request for notification process (True = currently on the notification list and False = initialload).
Version :
Cardinality : 1..1
Used In : Show all
Links : Data Type (urn:gs1:gdd:bdt:boolean)

Attributes/Associations for class : CatalogueItemNotification

DetailsResource Sub Type CodeAttribute Role NameType NameCardinality
show ATTRIBUTE isReload boolean 1..1
show ASSOCIATION Document
show ASSOCIATION catalogueItemNotificationIdentification EntityIdentification 1
show ASSOCIATION CatalogueItem 1

Data Types for : isReload

Data Type NameCompnent NameType NameCardinalityDetails
boolean show